5. Assess a portfolio

When you are selected to assess a portfolio or provide a peer reviewe or senior nurse feeback, a portfolio is shared with you. The sharing may only be temporarily for the time of the assessment or feedback.

5.1. Access a shared portfolio

You receive a notification in Nurseportfolio and through your email. The email contains a link to the portfolio so you can access it.

If you do not keep the email with the link to the portfolio, you can also find it via Main menu → Share → Shared with me.

View portfolios shared with you

View portfolio shared with you

  1. Search: Enter part of the title or description, or enter a tag in the drop-down menu if you do not see the portfolio you are looking for directly.

  2. Sort results by: You can change the sort order of the portfolios.

  3. Click the Search button to narrow down the results to your search parameters.

  4. Click the Advanced options button if you want to search portfolios that have not been shared with you directly.


    Per default, portfolios are searched that have been shared with you personally, you as a friend, and you as a member of a group. These settings are usually sufficient to find the portfolios you were asked to assess or provide feedback on.

  5. Title: The title of the portfolio is shown along with the number of pages contained within it if it is a collection, the portfolio author, and when the last changes had been made.

  6. Comments: Displays how many comments have been made on the portfolio.

  7. Last comment: Shows the beginning of the last comment if one was left on the portfolio.

5.2. Complete the assessor declaration

You must complete the assessor declaration before you assess the portfolio.

  1. Find the Assessor’s declaration page in the portfolio that you want to assess and click it.

  2. Once you are on the page, read it carefully.

  3. If you agree with all statements, scroll to the bottom of the page. Type “I agree” and your name and designation in the Add comment field, and click the Comment button.


    Make sure to leave the switch Make public on “Yes”.

5.3. Assess the individual competencies

Once you agreed to the assessor declaration, you are ready to assess the rest of the portfolio.

You do not need to go through the portfolio in order, but can assess competencies in any order or come back at a later stage if you cannot finish the assessment in one session.

When you comment on a page, the portfolio author receives a notification and thus knows that you have completed a section of their portfolio. They can comment as well and engage you in a conversation.

Assess a portfolio

Assess a portfolio

  1. Use the Previous button to look at an earlier page.
  2. Use the Next button to move forward in the collection.
  3. Use the Navigate to page drop-down menu to jump between pages.
  4. Review the evidence and the self-assessment on the page.
  5. When you are ready to provide your assessment, scroll to the bottom of the page and add your feedback in the Add comment field
  6. Make sure the Make public switch is set to “Yes”.
  7. Click the Comment button to save your feedback.
  8. If you do need to make an adjustment to your feedback, you can click the Edit button on your feedback and make changes for the next 10 minutes unless somebody else places a comment after yours.
  9. Click the Delete button if you wish to remove your feedback.

If you asked a nurse to provide more details for her assessment, the nurse can add more content to her portfolio and asyou again to assess it.