1. Welcome to Nurseportfolio

1.1. What is an ePortfolio?

  • Your personal online professional nursing portfolio, accessible from your PC, phone or tablet
  • An easy way to collate information for your portfolio
  • An easy and fast way to share your portfolio

1.2. Why create an ePortfolio?

An ePortfolio is easy to create, access and share. The templates, based on the Nursing Council competencies, is set up ready for you. Just a few adjustments to make it yours and you are underway.

1.3. Who can see your ePortfolio?

Only you – until you decide to share it with Managers, Colleagues, Assessors, or even the Nursing Council if you are being audited.

1.4. How should I set up my ePortfolio?

There is information in this help guide to support you set up your ePortfolio. You will want to personalise your ePortfolio, but take your time and find your way around the site. Remember no one can see your ePortfolio until you share it.