4. Share your portfolio

Your portfolios are not shared automatically with your assessor, manager or peers. You decide with whom your want to share your portfolio and when you want to do so.

Any content that you create or upload to Nurseportfolio needs to be in a portfolio before you can make it available to somebody else.

You can share your portfolio with individual people or groups of people to invite feedback or for assessment.


Before you share your portfolio for an audit, please read the Nursing Council’s information on recertification audits.

You can get to the sharing option in two different ways:

  • From the Edit screen when you are on a page;
  • Via Main menu → Share → Shared by me.

4.1. Access the sharing options from the “Edit” screen

When you edit a page, you can access the sharing options for your page and thus your entire portfolio via the Share button.

Share your page

Share your page


If your page is part of a collection, any sharing permissions that you set for the page will be used for the other pages within that collection as well.

4.2. Share your portfolio via the “Share” button on a page

Share your portfolio

Share your portfolio

  1. When you are in Edit mode for a page, click the Share button. You are taken to the Edit access screen where you can decide on the sharing permissions.

  2. You can set up a secret URL by clicking the New secret URL button and following the instructions.

  3. You can select from a range of advanced options by clicking this panel to make these options visible.

    See also

    Refer to the section “Set sharing permissions” for more information on how you can share your portfolio.

  4. You can share your portfolio with specific people.

  5. Click the Save button when you are done. Click Cancel if you want to abort all changes.

4.3. Share your portfolio via “Shared by me”

You can also share your portfolio by going to Main menu → Share → Shared by me. You can see all your portfolio and with whom you have shared them.

Overview page of sharing permissions

Overview page of sharing permissions

  1. Collections: Shows your portfolio collections.

  2. Pages: Shows your pages that are not in a collection.

  3. Collection name: The title of your portfolio.

  4. Access list: Once you shared your portfolio with somebody or a group of people, they are listed here.

  5. Edit access: Share your portfolio with specific people or a wider audience.

  6. Secret URLs: You can share your portfolio with people who do not have an account on Nurseportfolio without making it entirely public.


    When you share a portfolio via a secret URL, your portfolio becomes publicly available to anybody who knows the URL.

    Use this option only when you have been asked to do so explicitly for your certification portfolio. Otherwise, share your portfolio only with select members of Nurseportfolio to maintain privacy and confidentiality of your portfolio content.

4.4. Set sharing permissions

Go to Main menu → Share → Shared by me and click the Edit access button next to the portfolio that you want to share. You can then decide with whom you want to share your portfolio.


When you want to share your (re-)certification portfolio, share it only with the assessor you have been allocated.

Only include the items in your portfolio that are requested by the Nursing Council.

Decide with whom you want to share your portfolio

Decide with whom yo uwant to share your portfolio

  1. Your selected portfolio is shown.

  2. Click the Advanced options button to show additional sharing permissions.


    The only advanced option you would need is Allowed comments. That option is typically turned on by default. If it is not for your portfolio, simply flip the switch to Yes.

  3. Shared with: If you shared your portfolio already with someone, their access is displayed.


    If you want to terminate someone’s access to your portfolio, click the Delete icon. They are not able to view your portfolio anymore.

  4. From: You can enter a date from when a person or group of people shall gain access to your portfolio.

  5. To: Decide whether you want to set a date until the selected person or group of people shall have access to your portfolio.

  6. Use the Share with drop-down menu to select the member(s) of Nurseportfolio with whom you want to share your portfolio.

  7. Click the Save button to save your decisions.

You can share your portfolio with a wide range of people via the Share with drop-down menu.


Be careful in your selection so as not to compromise confidentiality and privacy of your information and only select people with whom you are allowed to share your portfolio, especially when it is a recertification portfolio.

'Share with' menu on 'Edit access'

“Share with” dropd-down menu on Edit access

  1. Search for…: Use this option to search for individual people or groups to share your portfolio with. Once you select this option, a second drop-down menu becomes available in which you type the person’s name or part of the group name. The search results are refined while you type.
  2. General: Share your portfolio with a wider group of people:
    • Public: Make your portfolio public for anyone on the internet to view. Search engines can index public portfolios. Be careful and choose this option only when you are certain that your portfolio can be made available to everyone online.
    • Registered users: Anyone with an account on Nurseportfolio can view your portfolio.
    • Friends: If you added friends on Nurseportfolio, you can give them all access to your portfolio.
  3. Institutions: Give everyone who is associated with your institution on Nurseportfolio access to your portfolio.
  4. Groups: Select the group(s) with which you want to share your portfolio. All groups that you belong to are listed as shortcuts.